We all LOVE our genealogy! If you are like me, it is one of your most prized possessions! You have spent countless hours, days, maybe years working on it! It is a treasured possession and one that I want to keep and protect far, far into the future.
So here is a simple, easy, idea on how to protect that information for the future.


As you would with any valuable possession, include it in your will and/or estate plan! Just as you might decide who gets a family heirloom piece of jewelry or piece of real estate, put in your desires for your genealogy work.

Maybe it goes to a relative who will carry on the work. Perhaps you want it donated to a local history society or museum. Maybe it goes to a National or International organzation based on your heritage.
Everyone has a will, you know! IF you die without one, the State has one premade for you! The government decides what to do with your effects, money, etc. SO you might as well get your own will and decide what you want done.

I simply added a paragraph to my will that states my desires for my genealogy. First I stated that I want it to be continued on the website I have set up for as long as possible and as along as I have prepaid it. Then all family members are to be asked if anyone wants to continue my work in total and if one does they get the materials I have amassed. Third, if not then all my materials go to a specific organization for their museum/archive holdings.

Simple, easy, and I feel great that my genealogy work has a future home!

Now back to seeking my elusive great grandfather Vicha today!

Onward To Our Past,

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