After much searching, I just got some wonderful documentation on my wife’s side of the family.  They come from the Costacciaro area of Itay.  I had looked at microfilm, etc. but with no success.

Then I finally resorted to a professional researcher for some help in Italy and bingo!  It took him weeks to get the approvals for access to the archive there, then a special permit to photograph the documents as well, but he did it for me!  Now I have some crucial proof that two lines of the ROSSI family are indeed related and how they relate.  While everyone in the family ‘knew’ they were all family, no one knew quite how!  So now we have the proof along with two new generations of the family tree and new ancestors to research and learn about!  Plus a new town to add to the maps, Gubbio, Italy!

SO sometimes no matter how powerful the Internet is, how many records are being digitized, etc. you still need the eyeballs in the dust of the Archive!  To me that is great news.  It means there is still so much more to be learned and gleaned! 

Now have a great day and remember to join me as we go Onward To Our Past!


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