Today’s Tip:  Sometimes you have to try the side door rather than just barging in the front, especially if you have tried the front door a time or two before!

Often times in my family history work I find that there is a resource that I believe might have some quality and helpful information for my work.  So I look for the ‘Contact Us’ information and give it a go. Just like a million other folks ….. 

All too frequently I get a standard issue response or no response at all.  Most often it is ‘thank you for your inquiry, yadda yadda yadda and no real info.

So ….. as I sit and stew over my belief that this ‘just must be’ a quality resource, I spend some time trying to find a side door into the same place!  A different name.  A different email.  A different phone number.  Networking a contact who might have a contact with a contact who could make a contact ….. you get the idea!

This happened to me again just yesterday as a matter of fact!  I had tried a certain museum for information.  Went in the front door electronically since I am just a few thousand miles away …. and got zip!  A nice brush-off, but the brush-off all the same!  Then yesterday, almost a year later, I stumbled across a contact at that museum that was different and much more personal than info@ …..  So I banged on the side door and voila!  A wonderful and helpful individual who is offering some great advice, ideas, and searching for me!  Woo Hoo!

But I don’t bother with the front door a second time.  

You might be amazed at how many times I get in the side door and find the riches, information, leads, hints, or clues that I thought just might be there in the first place!

So … try the front door.  Knock nicely.  Then ring the bell.  See who answers and what you learn.
Then if it isn’t quite right …… say thanks!  And head for that side door.  You know it must be there someplace!

Onward To Our Past,
  1. Claudia's Genealogy Blog Reply

    This happens to me a lot. If a person does not want to be contacted please eliminate the contact button. I am thinking my response rate is about 20%. The ones that I really "need" the information do not respond at all.

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