‘Be careful what you wish for!’  My grandmothers (or Nana as we called them) both used to say this to me often as I was growing up.  I always scoffed …

Well, like almost all of my grandmothers’ sayings, this one often rings true!

I got the long awaited obituary in the mail from North Dakota.  It was a awesome in that it held the names of four children!  But in the ‘listen to your Nana’ category, it was almost too much of a good thing!

Four children, all females!  Luckily they gave three of the four given names and all of the married surnames.  Nice linkages, nice proof.

Unfortunately, the names are all too common to be found with quick and easy searches!  Too many Ann, Mary, Barbara and that lovely Elizabeth, which they seem to morph into any nickname they wanted!  I guess if your name was Elizabeth you never liked it 🙂

So I am hot on the trail of new family back in Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota and for the first time for me, Oklahoma!  This will be fun and I plan on sharing the journey with you …. what I find, how I do it, what treasures I discover and what resources I find that help me the most.

So far I can say that the archive site for the Daily Oklahoman is awesome!  While it is a pay site, you can get full access for a limited time for only $9.99.

I’ll report soon what I find!


Onward To Our Past!


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