Today’s Tip:  Watch out for that insideous ‘Assume’ …. you know what it can do!
I don’t know about you, but I have to constantly fight a constant battle with a persistant foe: “Assume”!
He/She is a chronic, persistant, strong foe for me.  I frequently find myself in a fight with Assume without almost knowing it.
Just this early morning, there I was …. about to let her/him win!  I was transcribing a lovely (and I do mean lovely) interrment list from the St. Nicholas Cemetery in Belle River, Douglas County, Minnesota.  I was deep into a family line of Patruick (changed to Patrick since the local Swedes couldn’t pronoun the Bohemian Patruick) and I came upon a Mary.
 “Assume” quietly told me ‘Hey, must be Joseph’s wife, Mary.  He’s right next door.’  Almost fell for it, until I double checked a generation back and a generation forward and found four more Marys!  AH HA!  Take that, Assume!  I kept Mary in abeyance until I find out exactly which one she is!  Sure, logic might say a wife is next to her husband ….. but perhaps so would be his sister or favorite Aunt.  
Assume almost did her/his business on me yet again!
So …. if you are like me … be ever vigilant against ‘Assume’.
You know what it can do!
Onward To Our Past,

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