Today’s Tip:  Keep your ‘Helpers List’ handy.  Be it on your smart phone, laptop, computer, or paper pad, but keep it handy!
You, like me, I am sure have been helped by numerous folks over the duration of your genealogy/family history work.  Some, give a piece of advice or a note and then do the fast fade as they move on to other aspects of their work or quit their family history initiatives.    Others stay in touch, offer ongoing advice, help, support, ideas, time, maybe a photo, and friendship and companionship on the wondeful journey of our family understandings.  Some simply astound you and provide a nugget of gold in the form of some information, documentation, etc.  
These special folks of the last two kinds are placed on my ‘Helpers List’.  If you read my Tips you know try to stay organized (not always successful) and I try and go electronic whenever I can.  So I keep my ‘Helpers List’ on my smartphone.  These truly special people are then always with me ….. and I keep this list with an eye to returning their kindness and their past favors.  
If I am in an archive I might check one of their family names.  If I am making a trip, I will let them know ahead of time if there is something I can help with, something I can look up, a gravestone or home to be photographed.  I watch to see when and if I might be in a place to repay the kindness.
Just the other day I was searching for a marriage license and tripped over a family name.  I found that license and a bell went off.  I recalled putting a name on my ‘Helper List’ for that couple and so I ordered up a copy, put it on my tree and sent it off to my distant cousin as I had seen on his tree there was no marriage date.
So, you might want to consider a ‘helper list’ of your own.  
This is such a great community that it just comes natural, I think!
Onward To Our Past,

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