Today’s Tip:  Take a trip down your own personal Memory Lane every so often, to reconnect with the energy of your ancestors.
As you can tell from my photo, I’ve been around a year or two …. or more 😉  
Every so often, I find I need a “Genealogy Energy Boost’ a bit bigger than what I get from my Keurig coffee maker in the morning.  To get this Boost, I take a trip down my own life’s Memory Lane.
I spend a bit of time looking at my own old photo albums, calling an old friend or two, getting on the phone with a family I have neglected to call for awhile, or just doing some quite writing about my favorite memories.
Or I meditate a bit and try and recall certain family events or times that held special meaning for me.  For example, I recall the sound of my grandmother speaking Czech, the tone of voice of my ‘favorite Uncle’ when he would tell stories of his time in the Navy on sailing ships, or my grandfather recounting what it was like to be a boy in Cornwall.  
As I think back on the road I have traveled …. growing up, my career, family, children, and things like trips, holidays and vacations, I find that I get a boost of loving why I do this …. why I love the feel of discovery of who my ancestors were and what world they lived in was like for them.
Just a few minutes on Memory Lane and my batteries are charged, the smile is back on my face, and I am ready to grab the pickax again and chip at a brick wall or two.
It works for me …. I hope it works for you!
Onward To Our Past,

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