Today’s Tip:  “Proofread your tree”.
I had a teacher who taught me that the best way to proofread for spelling errors (in the days before Spell-Check) was to read your document backwards.  That way you looked at each word and and did not get caught up in what the sentence was saying, grammer, etc.
I am doing the same with my tree and suggest you might wish to do the same ….. Proofread it!
We were all taught to start our tree with ourselves.  So for me, that is the oldest point in my tree and the person I worked on first and most likely, as I did those closest to myself, I did them when I knew far less than I know now!  Less about other family members, important surnames, what documents are really important, all the resources I could tap, etc.
So I am going back and proofreading each member of my tree starting with myself and moving back.  I am now on my grandparents and WOW am I amazed at a few of the holes that are there!  On one of my grandmothers I missed a Census report.  On a grandfather, I had not found a sister’s husband, although I knew she was married.
So I am enjoying ‘proofreading’ and getting my tree correct, tightened up, and as complete as I can …… 
I suggest this might be a good way to fine-tune your tree, double check for complete information, accuracy, etc.
We all better, because before we know it in only about 154 days, the 1940 US Census will be here for us!  What fun that will be!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. About this blog Reply

    Did this come about as a result of upgrading to FTM2012 and having to check that everything had transferred correctly? I used to have an excel sheet that would grab info from Family Historian (my genealogy software) and import it into a spreadsheet so I could see at a glance who I had found in which census years or who I had BDM data for. It was very useful to quickly spot gaps and also knew that a person wouldn't be on the 1981 census for example because they were born yet or had already died. Is there a similar feature or add on that will do this from FTM2012 I wonder??

  2. Scott Phillips Reply

    Hi About ….

    No, I actually use Family Tree Builder as I am a fan and customer of MyHeritage. They have a lot of lovely functionality like age check, duplicates, factual errors on dates, etc., but this is more for me catching my shortcomings of earlier. For instance, I know I have used the 1891 UK Census for my grandmother on Ancestry.com as I sent in a correction on the transcription of her given name, but I did not have it attached to her on the tree. A few typos such as what I call 'fat finger capitalization mistakes', etc.

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