Today’s Tip:  Keep the jargon to a minimum!
I fully realize there may be some out there who are conducting their family history/genealogy work for an academic pursuit.  So this need not apply to those folks, who I say ‘hear, hear’ to!
For me, I am doing my work for my extended family and for future generations.  Therefore, for me, it is essential that while I do professional, documented, proper work, I try and create excitement and interest in our family tree, family history, and genealogy.  I want folks to feel drawn to our tree and a part of it!  I want them to feel like their input is crucial (since it is) and that it is fun and, after all, about family more than anything.
So I could pepper my work and writing with terms such as agnate and enate.  I could talk about DNA until I am blue in the face and I could code every county with its’ Chapman Code rather than the name of the county in the United Kingdom.  
But then I realize that few care about agnate or enate and no one cares about a number, but a name, like Cornwall, is much more inviting to everyone!  And everyone can relate to ‘your father’s side’ and ‘your mother’s side’.  I want folks to LOVE genealogy and want them to dive into my site and my tree and learn all the cool things I have learned!  All the history.  All the stories.  Love the photos!  Relish alll the amazing relationships!
So I will do this without the jargon …. and leave the vocabulary lessons for someone else to teach.
Maybe you will too.
Onward To Our Past,

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