Today’s Tip:  Borrowed from Art Linkletter … Kids say the darnedest things … so be sure to ask them!
We all know the first ‘rule’ of genealogy:  Find the oldest family member and pump them for all they are worth (or something a bit more civilized than that).
However, I have found that it is wonderful fun to turn that around and find the youngest members of the family and ask they what THEY know and think about the family!  It can be funny, heartwarming, hilarious, and always worth hearing!
This youngest generation can add a whole new and remarkable twist on family story telling and can also, perhaps, sow the seeds of future interest in family history!
So … be like Art …. ask the kids, sit back, and enjoy the responses!   They will all add to the fabic of our trees!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Boy you got that right! Thanks for the reminder.

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