Today’s Tip:  Let Christmas work for your genalogical goals!
I know it is WAY early to be talking Christmas, but since the stores have displays out and my mailbox is filling with catalogs already, today’s tip is about just that …. Christmas and making it do a little geneaology work for you.
When it comes to Christmas, I am an old fashioned, tradition-bound fellow.  This includes many of our Christmas rituals and events, and still includes the mailing of a postal service delivered Christmas card.  
Since this little endeavor is getting more expensive every year (and I have a list that borders hard on 200 families) I justify it just a little by having many of my Christmas Cards do a bit of Genealogy/Holiday double duty!  
I sort my list by friends and family.  Friends get our card and greeting.  Family get our card, our greeting, and a dose of genealogy to boot!
First, I make sure I send my cards early.  Then I enclose a short half-page note thanking each family member for their help with our family history during the past year.  The bottom 2/3 to 1/2 page then is a short questionairre for them to fill out and send back to me.
Any new famliy members?  New addresses, emails or phone numbers?  Significant events in the family?  News to share?  Updates in general?
No one seems to object and at this time of year, folks like to share a bit more than at others I find, especially if I am a bit early in my asking!
So go ahead, let Christmas help with your genealogy a bit …. but don’t forget Thanksgiving!
Onward To Our Past,

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