Today’s Tip: Don’t Forget the Cachet of Snailmail and the first class letter!
Just as Facebook has opened up huge new vistas for genealogy, don’t forget that there is an awesome, wonderful, and POWERFUL cachet with snailmail these days!
While slower, more expensive (and going higher right after New Years 2012), and perhaps more time consuming, it can reap wonderful rewards.
First, there are those who simply do not use electronic media yet for communicating.  Yep, I got more than a few of those in my family!  
Second, who doesn’t mavel, at least a bit, when you find a first class, hand-addressed letter in your mailbox?
Third, those hand-addressed, first class letters …. they always get opened and usually opened first!
Finally, there is the guilt factor …. if someone takes the time to write to me, I usually feel compeled to write them back!
So …. do your part to insure your mailman’s job and mail a few of those old-fashioned letters.  Plus …. who knows what all might be in the returning envelope!
Onward To Our Past,

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