Today’s Tip:  Maintain civility.
Yesterday, I happened to post a comment on a genealogy blog.  I happened to disagree with the author and made a comment that was contrary to his point of view.  This blog is very well known and has a huge following.
Very quickly I saw a response that said there were many readers out there who were, among other things ‘turds’.
Now, I have been called far worse in my life, mind you, but not usually all across the Internet by someone who does not know me at all, and not just for saying ‘I disagree’.  
Very sad that ‘big names’ in this community feel threatened if someone disagrees with them, even in a civil manner.  
But then again, this blogger almost talks about his Klout ratings more than genealogy, so while I am disappointed, I am not all that shocked.
But we need to maintain civility at all times with others in this work, especially those who might disagree with our point of view.  It is a free country after all ……
Genealogy is part science and part art.  Part fact and part best-guessing.  It is not one-sided, it is not ego-driven, and it is certainly not the purview of a select few who deem themselves ‘gurus’ or some kind of lord-of-the-empire for some reason.  Open debate is the only way to be healthy and keep the community working together.
Civility is necessary and should be a common foundation for us all in this community, be they a neophyte, apprentice, journeyman, or an expert.
Onward To Our Past, 
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