Today’s Tip:  Sometimes a single, easy question can open up a reluctant participant.
I have discovered that sometimes it is easy to overwhelm folks with my enthusiasm and with some folks, who are reluctant to participate in the first place, my enthusiasm can shut them down.
So I remember that with some folks I need to use my ‘can I ask you just one question?’ approach.
Always this question is easy and personal.  Just an opinion, so they can answer easily …. then often they open right up when they see I love their answer.
Often my question is simply: “What invention had the biggest impact on you when you were growing up or in your lifetime?”
Easy, no wrong answer worries, and then I blubber all over them and their answer.  Asking about how it effected them, what was fun about it, etc.  99 times out of 100 we are then off to the races!
So try it …. remember …. sometimes just one is a lot more than one.
As Mies Van Der Rohe said “Less is more”!
Onward To Our Past,

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