Today’s Tip:  Don’t fear failure, don’t expect not to make mistakes, just overcome or correct them!
Success only comes with failure.  We all know the stories of Abe Lincoln and his early failures.  We know Einstein hated school, etc.
In our family history work we are bound to fail in some branch, we are bound to make mistakes (goodness knows that I made several due to my lack of knowledge of the Italian cultural norms and changes of 1908), and we are sure to simply goof up at times.
Remember that this is all A-OK!  Failure always is there.  Mistakes happen — that’s why there is that most famous of sayings “sh*# happens”.  
BUT the real test somes in how we bounce back from failure.  How we keep trying to find that elusive ancestor, fact, document, etc. and in that we acknowledge and correct the mistakes.  
There is only goodness, grace, and success to be found in failure!  So do not fear it!
Overcome it, battle it, acknowledge it, and defeat it!
It will make each of us and our family trees healthier, stronger, and the best they can be!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Claudia's Genealogy Blog Reply

    I think making a mistake and writing about it is the best. It can show how the mistake was done and what we did to solve it. Perhaps readers will profit from the experience in their own research.

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