Today’s Tip:  As Thanksgiving fast approaches, be thinking about all those folks who deserve a special ‘thank you’ in genealogy.  
At our Thanksgiving table, after grace, we each take a turn telling the family and friends what we are thankful for.  Young, old, and in between.  It is a wonderful and heartfelt time.
In genealogy there are always folks who deserve our thanks.  That is part of what makes this community so very special!
There is no time better than Thanksgiving to take a moment and send, email, call, or text that ‘Thank You’ to those who have made your path a bit smoother, a bit more enjoyable, or a bit easier for you.
Thanksgiving is a wonderful, non-commercial holiday and one that holds terrific meaning.
So, as we approach this day (here in the States at least) take a moment or two and say your thank yous!
Onward To Our Past,

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