Today’s Tip:  Today is Veteran’s Day, don’t forget how you can request military files.
Veteran’s Day is today and with it being on 11/11/11 this year, you can bet folks might actually notice this year more than most.
Today’s tip is to remember that you can order your own or next-of-kin military records online anytime and that 62 years after separation records become ‘public record’.  This is a rolling date, so for instance 2011 minus 62 is 1949.  
The nice part, it is a fairly simply process.  The online process works for WWI and later Veterans.  For veteran records prior to WWI, you have to make your request in writting, but you can use the form as a template.
The site of the National Archives has a nice starting explantion and link for this online service:  
As I have noted before, these records can hold amazing information and detail.  For my great Uncle, I received over 140 pages of his service and disability/pension from the Indian Wars back in the 1880’s.  
So remember your veteran … wear a red poppy …. and dig into those files!
Onward To Our Past,

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