Today’s Tip:  If you see an error, take the time to submit your correction and leave those records in a bit better condition than you found them.
Today I submitted six corrections to Census forms via Ancestry.com.  All six of these were transcription errors.  All on surnames that I was working on and about half were serious errors that made finding them difficult in the first place and about half minor spelling errors.  But I took the time to send in the corrections.
Then I took a few more minutes out of my day and submitted data that had not been transcribed.  Addresses, birth locations, etc.  This took awhile, but I really felt good when I was done.
Now, I pay for my subscription of Ancestry.com just like most everyone else, but I still want it to be the best it can be, especially for folks who follow me and my path.  Would it be nice if the good folks at Ancestry.com had all this done and fixed?  Sure.  Likely?  No.  Possible?  Probably not!  So I do my part to make it better.
All told, I only spent a little over an hour and a half entering corrections and missing information, but those records sure look a lot better now than they did when I first used them.
I figure what goes around comes around, so I might as well do this ….. who knows …. maybe some one will do the same on a record that I have yet to discover and help me out.
Enjoy your day and thanks for being here with me!
Onward To Our Past,

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