Today’s Tip:  The food disappears, plates last almost forever!
Very early in our married life, my wife and I began what seemed at the time as a pretty bizarre custom.  When we were out and had a wonderfully memorable dinner,or perhaps the last dinner at a holiday resort, etc.  we asked if we could buy a dinner plate!  
Now when you think about it, I am sure you can recall some truly wonderful restaurants that had really cool and very different plates.  
We began our collection a full 36 years ago now and our collection numbers about three dozen plates.  Each, in its own way a ‘one off’ in our family.  We cherish these memory plates, but we also make use of them!
We use them as our ‘good china’ for holidays, birthdays, and family gatherings.  They almost demand story telling, memories, and lots of chatter and laughter.  They also have garnered a fair number of head-shakes from new visitors!
We count plates now from as far away as Argentina, Martinique, Italy, Cornwall, California, Ohio, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexcio and many others. 
You may not want to mimic this strange custom, but it may make you think of one you could enjoy just as much!
Eat hearty and take the memories with you!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. TRAEA's Grandma Reply

    What a fun idea! Our mom took home souvenir napkins (when they were still worth taking home) and glued them on mid-sized rocks. Coated them after they dried for use as decorations. I think I like the plate idea better – much more useful!

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