Today’s Tip:  There is no such thing as a free turkey dinner, even on Thanksgiving!
I am guessing that you all know by now that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!  But …. even though I host our family gathering and it is my favorite …. I still make it do some genealogy/family history work for me!
Under the old saw ‘there is no such thing as a free lunch’, I maintain that there is no such thing as a free turkey dinner either!  
Everyone is welcome at my table, but there is a price to be paid!  If you sit, you must bring a family story, memory, photo, or memento to share with the family — and the family tree!  
I don’t ask anyone to bring the pie, or the wine, or the hors d’oeuvres.  BUT I do insist they bring an item for the family tree.
I have gained many wonderful stories and memories.  Many photos and many chances to see and photograph a percious family heirloom that resides with some other family member.  
I think this sharing is a nice tradition, can be done by young and old, blood-relation or in-law.  Everyone!
Plus …. it enhances the family tree and I am all about that!
I hope this works for you, now please pass the mashed potatoes!
Onward To Our Past,

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