Today’s Tip:  At the holidays this year, rekindle an old tradition.
As Thanksgiving approaches, I start to really get in a tradition-bound mood.  I think back to holiday seasons of old, especially those when I was a child.  We had a boat-load of traditions!  Some continue to this day in our family, some have fallen by the wayside.
So each year I try and rekindle or resurrect one of those traditions that we have either lost or I have just learned about.
My cousin, Barbora Knechtlova, in the Czech Republic, recent told me about a wonderful Christmas tradition that her family follows.  I was not aware of this one, and love it!
“And the last tradition to mention here (but not the least, since there are many more traditions Czech families more or less follow) is picking a cherry or forsythia sprig (we call it picking “little Barbora’s” – in Czech Barborky) . This sprig is cut on December 4 (Barbora name day) and it is believed that if the sprig comes into blossom till Christmas Eve, the girl, who picked it, will marry the next year.”
It is fun to learn of new traditions and to keep them going.  
This Thanksgiving will be highly tradition-bound for our family.  A large gathering.  Turkey and all the sides — and since it is me — lots of mashed potatoes of course!  We will gather at the tables and after our blessing we will go around to each person and ask them ‘What are you thankful for this year?’  It is a nice tradition and one that can bring unexpected answers such as when our grandson of 4 years said “I am glad Dora the Explorer is brought to us by Chucky Cheese.”  
I even managed to find spiced apple rings and B&M Brown Bread in a can to add to my table.  These were always on our table when I was very young and I am glad I found them … even if I did have to order them online!  
So this holiday season …. rekindle or resurrect a family tradition or two.  It will continue to help us feel connected to something far bigger than just ourselves.
Onward To Our Past,

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