Today’s Tip:  Follow your heart!
Granted, today’s tip is not very practical, but it is one I hope we each are blessed to do at least once in our lives: Follow Your Heart!
It wasn’t too long ago that someone dear to me told me I should try my hand at writing.  She liked what I wrote to the family personally and she encouraged me to try more of it on a broader scale.  I asked her why I she thought I should do this and without hesitation, she said ‘you write from your heart, so you should follow that’.
Now, I am a fundraiser by profession for many decades, so I have a thick hide when it comes to rejection, criticism, etc, but the thought of actually writing for others to read and open my ego up to the slings and arrows of anyone who cared to read my writing was, to put it mildly, petrifying!
Then, as always happens in genealogy, someone asked for help and I responded.  I wrote my first piece, loved writing it, and actually had a couple of folks read it (that weren’t even related).
Now, I have decided, for a variety of reasons, that I am going to be following my heart and giving it a go working in genealogy and writing.  We shall see …. it may work, it may not, but while I am trying I know my heart will be singing!
So, at least once, I hope you, too, take a chance and follow your heart!
Onward To Our Past,

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