Today’s Tip:  Pack away embarrassment, judgementalism, etc, and exude forgiveness to be effective in your genealogy work.
I was working on a birth certificate yesterday and it became clear the husband in this case was ‘illigitimate’.  At the time, I was working with a wonderful OPC (Online Parish Clerk) in Cornwall.  She asked if she could do some digging on finding the stated father and I said ‘Sure, why not?’  She responded, ‘Well, you know many folks, when they find this sort of thing, prefer to keep it quiet’.  I said balderdash!  Full steam ahead!  Let’s find the truth!
It made me think.
Quite often we find our ancestors anything but perfect.  After all we are all flawed and human.  So were they!  
We need to put our ideas of ‘right’, ‘proper’, etc away when we search for the truth.  We certainly do not want our social mores and ideas of today to get in the way of finding our true roots and heritage.  No matter how tangled the roots might be.  No matter how less than Royal the heritage.  We all seek the truth!
So …. leave the judging out.  Forget the embarrassment!  Dish up huge helpings of FORGIVENESS and seek the truth!
We need to find who we are …. complete with warts and all of who they were …. Forgiveness is a wonderful gift.
 Let’s be certain to offer it to our ancestors who might have been in need of it.
Onward To Our Past,

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