Today’s Tip:  When you are stumped don’t just ask one resource for advice …. go for three!
Recently I hit a bit of a snag on a document.  The copy I received was terribly poor and the handwriting a challenge on top of that.  
So I sent an electronic copy to three folks who work with this area of the world often and asked for their ‘take’ on the handwriting.
It was great!  
I got back three suggestions …. all different and all different than mine!  
So now I have a wonderful set of suggestions to follow as leads as I try and unravel this mystery!
So my tip is …. when you are stumped, ask around …. and around…..and around!  
It sure makes the thrill of the chase even better and those different ‘sets of eyes’ can see in wonderful ways!
Onward To Our Past,

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