Today’s Tip: Remember that while a whole lot of records are on the Internet ….. WAY more still are not!
The other day I had someone say to me “well, I have all the documents for my family that are on Ancestry.com, so my tree is complete”.
While sites like Ancestry and a multitude of others like FamilySearch and many more have billions of records digitally available on the Internet, that is by no means ALL the records that are available!  So don’t quit there!
One of the most useful resources I have found for genealogical information has been court documents such as wills, estate settlements and suits, commitment hearings, guardianships, divorces, real estate transactions, and lots of miscellaneous happenings that occur in the courts.  I find that far more of these have not been digitally recorded than have.  
Two examples:  I found a will in the archive in Cornwall that held the married name of an ancestor I had almost given up on ever finding.  The options via birth, death and marriage records were so many, I would have gone broke getting them all and with my luck it would have been the last document I ordered that told the story I was seeking!
Another example is a file for a commitment hearing and the following cases that helped me find the maiden name of someone I had been tracing for a long, long time.  
These are just two examples of documents that were crucial in my efforts …. but had to be attained by burning good old shoe leather to get them the old fashioned way!  
So …. the Internet is great, but remember there is still GOLD in them thar archives, libraries, museums, etc!
Onward To Our Past,

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