Today’s Tip:  Distance matters! When asking those family stories or recording information, don’t forget the travel times!
Today I am blessed to have lots of family coming for the Thanksgiving holiday!  They are coming from nearby Chicago, far away as Florida, Minnesota, Kentucky, and points in between.  Some driving.  Some flying.  Some taking the train.
It got me to thinking about when I was young and we went to my grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc.  Or when we went to Northern Michigan from Cleveland for summer vacation.  The trip to grandmother’s took hours!  Now, on the Interstate it would only take about 40 minutes.  The trip to Michigan?  Took us two days.  Now … maybe 6 hours.  My, how times change!  My son will join us for the long weekend all the way from Florida.  Not too long ago, it would have taken a long weekend to go from Florida to Indiana.
So I immediately called several elders in my family.  I began asking about travel times!  I wanted to add this feature to the stories they told.  I make sure to add in how they traveled!  Makes a difference if the ship was a steamer or a sailing vessel.  Before freeways or after.  Was air travel common place then  — or a real rarity?
It sure was different when they were going places in a Model-A, or on the local train.  Think about those before and how long it took in a wagon pulled by oxen or horses.  
Adds a whole new dimension to things!~
So remember to add this key feature to your stories, notations, etc.  It will add to the richness of the understanding for generations to come!  
And ….. don’t forget to add it to your own stories!
What if the Jetson’s lives really do come true someday?
Onward To Our Past,

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