Today’s Tip:  When you can’t talk genealogy, LISTEN!
At our family gathering for Thanksgiving yesterday, I was politely told ‘don’t talk about dead people and genealogy’!
So I didn’t ….. I just LISTENED to genealogy!
I heard my grandson telling his cousin all about his grandmother and his great grandmother.
I listened to my brother-in-law tell several stories about his Uncle and great-Uncle and his youth in Minnesota.
I listened to my three sisters-in-law as they told stories about their favorite Thanksgivings when they were growing up.
I listened and I learned far more information, stories, leads for me to follow-up, and tidbits than if I ever had been allowed to ‘talk about dead people’.
Plus …. it made Thanksgiving truly memorable in lots of ways.
So when you can’t talk genealogy, just listen …. it’s all around you!
Onward To Our Past,

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