Today’s Tip:  “When you back it up, pack it up!”
I use this simple statement to remind us that when we back-up our genealogy data on our computer systems, do not forget to store that copy someplace other than where you keep your computer!
While, yes, it is great to at least back-up all your genealgoy information on a second hard drive or a USB drive, don’t just take that drive, disk, etc. and set it someplace in the house.  I know it is a pain, but if you have a house fire, flood, theft etc. the chances are you will lose both sets of your data!  
So as much of an inconvenience as it might be, keep your back up off site some place.  
If you store in the cloud, keep it there. 
I don’t use the cloud for this yet, but I use an automated back-up system that stores my key information at an offsite repository via a regular service for my family tree and website.  
Then just to be sure, I back-up my data on a USB drive ( it is amazing how small these are, but can have so much storage for a reasonable price) and I give it to my son.  He puts it in a safe place in his house.  I actually have two of these, so I then back-up and save on the one I have and swap with him on a regular basis.  
I, unfortunately, speak from experince that yes, bad things CAN happen to you and your belonging.  A home invasion resulted in my loss of all my electronic gear amonst other items, so it was a true blessing that I had done off-site back-up.  And they did even take my USB drives when they swept off my desk.  Grr!
So a word to the wise!  “Back it up and pack it up!”
I hope you NEVER need it!
Onward To Our Past,

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