Today’s Tip:  As Christmas and other year-end holidays approach … put out your best genealogy items for display!
Now that it is Advent and Christmas is fast approaching along with the New Year a lot of us will be decorating our homes for the holidays.  Lights, decorations, etc always make the home look great!  BUT don’t forget to decorate with a piece or two of your very best genealogy items!
If you are like our family, there will be occasions for folks to be stopping by, visiting, partying, etc. during this busy season and a lot of them will be family!
So … I always put out 2 to 4 of my most prized genealogy pieces from the current year.  Perhaps it is a copy of a document.  Maybe a photo.  Could be a new book …. or a new, old book!  Maybe a report on a branch of the family or ancestor.  In my case, this always includes the articles I have had published.
I find that having these items out invites talk about family!  Memories, stories, etc. have a tendency to flow a bit better with a ‘prop’ out to get it going!
After all …… we genealogists and family historians never want to take a chance on missing a story, memory, lead, etc. just because of a little thing like Christmas and the New Year 🙂
Onward To Our Past,

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