Today’s Tip:  This holiday season, pick an ancestor and give them a gift!
One of the challenging aspects of genealogy for me is that at this time of year I want to do something special for every one of my ancestors that I have identified. 
I am sure it sounds crazy, but it makes me sad to think that I cannot decorate every grave of a loved one that I have visited or discovered.  It makes me sad that I cannot mark those that I have yet to find.
So at this time of year I pick one ancestor and give them a gift. 
It is a different person each year and I limit myself to only one.  I then see that their grave is decorated for Christmas or that I write something special about them and distribute it to the family, or simply write them a personal letter and attach it to their file on my family tree.
This year I have chosen my wife’s Aunt Sylvia.  She was a Nun with a Benedictine Order and served the Lord in a college in Minnesota.  Sadly, I cannot get to Northern Minnesota right now, but Friday a local florist will be going out and delivering a Christmas wreath to Sister Sylvia’s grave and a small donation will be made (anonymously) in her honor to her Order.
This small act fills me with the spirit of the holiday, the true meaning of family, and stills my soul a bit since I cannot do something for everyone.
Next year it will be a different ancestor.
Perhaps this tradition will strike a chord with you.
Onward To Our Past,

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