Today’s Tip:  Be genuine in your genealogy.
It may be easy to talk-the-talk, but we, as family historians, must walk-the-walk!
As the holidays approach we all have more opportunities to meet with family and friends.  If you are like me, you will be called upon to explain your love of genealogy, your knowledge of your families, your history, your heritage, and your passion for this noble pursuit.
It is important that we remember to be genuine and walk-the-walk when we have these occasions.  
People will look to us for information, advice, help, and perhaps most important of all, insight into that wonderful thing we know as ‘family’.
We must be open, helpful, honest, and forthright.  
We must not be blow-hards, egotists, elitists, or snobs about it.  
Our ancestors are always on our minds, in our souls, and watching over our shoulders …. we owe them the best we can muster!
So remember …. when you talk-the-talk, follow it up with walking-the-walk!  
Generations before us demand it.
 Generations after us will benefit from it!
Onward To Our Past,

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