Today’s Tip:  Wear the armor of PMA in your genealogy work!
While we all know there is no magic involved in our efforts in genealogy, I am here to say that I think I may have pulled a rabbit out of the hat!
Be sure to arm yourself, or armor yourself, with Optimism aka PMA or Positive Mental Attitude as you work.
Having a positive attitude in our work is essential to success.  It gives fuels our internal engines when we must fight on through a long dry spell or series of brick walls.
It gives us the lift and friendliness in our voices when we reach out to those who don’t know us, but who’s help we need!
It keeps our minds keen when we are in dire need of a new avenue of thought to attack something we have attacked and attacked and attacked in the past to no avail.  
It gives us hope, faith, and fortitude!
So, don that armor of optimism!
It may feel a bit heavy and awkward at times, but it can be your biggest asset!
Onward To Our Past,

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