Today’s Tip:  Consider ‘The Cloud’ for some of your genealogy work.
Personally, I get a good laugh out of all the talk of ‘the Cloud’ like it is some brand new concept.  Back when I was working for Control Data Corporation (one of the largest computer firms in the world at one time) we had the same thing …. we just used a different name.  Time sharing, etc.  But as the saying goes “nothing is as new as that which has been forgot”.
No matter, my point is …. consider the Cloud for some of your work in genealogy.
I recently got a file of 24 pages.  I wanted certain folks to be able to see those pages, so I simply put them in a Cloud app — in this case one I like is Dropbox — and gave them permission to view that file.  Easy, no packed email inbox, no wasted time!  
I also had to share a 4.49 GB file with someone in Israel and did it via the same Cloud app.  No other good way to move 4.49 GB if you ask me!
Not everything ‘fits’ the Cloud and there are certain things I keep off (like my music, but that is a different story).
But the Cloud can save you time, effort, and money in some instances.  
So … in genealogy …. consider the Cloud!
Onward To Our Past,

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