Today’s Tip:  No matter what some others may say, our work is noble!

Today I had someone question my work in genealogy.  They gave me the usual ‘dead people’, ‘don’t live in the past’, blah blah, blah.

I responded that I did what I do because I view genealogy as a noble calling.  They scoffed at me.

I then proceeded to give this person a copy of a biography I am writing on my great-grandfather.  Not a celebrity by any stretch, but for a common working, Czech immigrant in Cleveland, Ohio, quite accomplished as he fought for workers  and their rights.  Ended up being tight with the Mayor of Cleveland and getting an appointment by the Governor of Ohio.

I told this person that no one, until I had done this research, knew of this fellow or his accomplishments for the people of Cleveland and elsewhere.  That I considered this a noble pursuit and one that would possibly serve others in the future well.  No matter if they are family or not.

I don’t believe I changed this person’s belief in the value of genealogy, but maybe, just maybe, I opened their eyes a bit.  

So when you tire.  When you hit that same brick wall for the 15th or 50th time …. keep at it.  

What you are doing is a noble pursuit!

For yourself.  For your ancestors.  For the future!

We are adding to history …. much of which may well have been lost forever we don’t persevere.

Onward To Our Past,

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