Today’s Tip:  Don’t always take silence as a ‘no’ response.

I have been working on a story for several months now.  No, not that I am that slow a writer, but the deadline and issue for the inclusion has changed a couple of times.

In those months, I have been trying to connect with an archivist at the smaller, but very interesting and valuable archive of the City of Cleveland (not to be confused with the massive and well known Cuyahoga County Archives.

Over and over I politely bugged the archivist to respond to my basic questions.  Had it in my Outlook to remind me every two weeks ….. for five months!

Now, my deadline is just two weeks away and I decided to give the archivist one last shout out.  

BINGO!  It seems he was a bit hamstrung by politics and had been working to get the responses done and out to me!

So …. go ahead ….. in your genealogy work, be a pest, albeit a nice and measured one!  
Remember that silence may not mean ‘no’.  It could just be the, unseen to us, forces at work on the other end of our communication stream!

In this case, the persistence and time were well worth it.  The responses I received will enhance my story for my readers nicely!

Onward To Our Past,
  1. Cheryl Cayemberg Reply

    An excellent tip, particularly since so many would have gotten rude after so many months! Congrats on getting a good response as well!

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