Today’s Tip goes back to the Bible … Give and ye shall receive … and I add this” Don’t and you won’t … especially in genealogy”!

I am a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist when it comes to Christmas cards.  I love to send them and I love to get them.  Plus it has to be in the mail to ‘count’.  While there are a million electronic cards and loads of fun greetings online, I prefer the old postal Christmas cards.  I do a family photo or collage each year.  Been doing it since Mary Kay and I married W-A-Y back in ’75!  Wouldn’t miss a year ….

Now, I am also not one to write a Christmas letter.  My father used to write an awesome Christmas poem each year for their card, so  a letter never worked for us.  Enjoy them, just don’t do them myself.

I begin my Christmas card process very early.  I make my list, don’t check it once, let alone twice, and it is now upwards of 200.  Family, friends and colleagues.  A motley crew for sure, but my Christmas Crew just the same!  

They all get the same card …. but I spend a ton of time writing the note each person gets.  Personal, detailed, and for family ….. FULL of family news, tree info, and notes.  I want them to really get the picture of the work I have done for the past year ….. a story that fits Christmas … a photo if I have found a great one.  I tailor each letter to the person or family it goes to.  I note something from a conversation during the past year that we might have had or a letter we exchanged.  I give them a good dose of genealogy under the cover of Christmas cheer!  

I ‘give’ this … in the hopes of ‘getting’ something far better in return.  An update from them!  

It works wonders!  The time I spend writing … I love … so it is no chore!  Plus I see it as an investment.

If I get no return (as in a letter or photo or story) I get the return of feeling great having sent a nice card and update.  
No matter what, when I give, I receive!  

So …. remember …. during this season …. give and you might just be surprised at what you get!

It will warm your heart, I just bet!

Onward To Our Past,

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