Today’s Tip: Before year-end …. take stock of your genealogy spending and make your New Year’s Plan!
While I realize that it is a busy time of year, today’s tip is to take a few moments and take stock of your annual genealogy spending, then think about the ROI (return on investment) and make your New Year’s Plan!
Each year I get genealogy-spending-creep.  I join a new society or take out a new subscription.  Buy a new magazine, etc.  
Before year’s end, I will take a look at that spending log I keep and make my New Year’s Plan based on the ROI from each of these purchases, so I don’t simply continue to ‘keep on keeping on’ with them all.
I think back on the magazines:  Did I have any real ‘ah-ha’ moments from reading them?  In my case this past year, no — not in any of them really.  So I am saving that money for other things that will be of better value to me.
I look at my use of my online subscriptions.  Keeping all of them …. ancestry, genealogybank, and myheritage.
I look at the Societies I belong to.  I will keep the Ohio Genealogy Society, Ontario Genealogy Society, the History Society in Ohio and Minnesota, but have decided to drop some others that I don’t see value from.   Keeping lots of smaller local Societies in Iowa, Minnesota, and Ohio since they really helped me and are a super value!
So on balance, I come out saving some money — but I know this most likely will only be on paper —- I know myself and know, sure as Baby New Year will appear …. so will some new ‘oh wow, I have to try that’ genealogy opportunity in the New Year!  
But at least I will be ready and doing it right.  Gotta watch that ROI!
Onward To Our Past,

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