Today’s Tip:  Scour those State sites for hidden genealogical gems!
I admit …. sometimes I get a bit frustrated and go too fast as I try and find resources online!  I expect the ‘answer’ to be in the top two Google hits or at worst … the top five.  
But today’s tip is …. scour every State’s sites for genealogical gemstones and perhaps even the Mother Lode!
Case in point:  I thought I had looked and looked and looked for trying to find vital records in Michigan.
Then I relaxed and spent some time doing it …. and lo and behold …. I found wonderful gems and the Mother Lode of Naturalization Indexes!  But I had not found these earlier.
This time I approached it from the State’s point of view.  I asked the State site for ‘genealogy’, vital records, etc. on THEIR site!  and BINGO!  I found some wonderful indexes, archives, tips, and referral sources.  As I dug deeper and went to each County site, it often got better with a county genealogy page or six or sixteen!
So ….. check out those State sites …. there are 50, plus DC, Puerto Rico, and a few others!
I was truly rewarded with my finds …. so perhaps you will be as well!
You can’t beat an early Christmas present!
Onward To Our Past,

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