Today’s Tip:  Learn from Jim Hoiby!

I had a wonderful mentor early in my life.  His name was Jim Hoiby.  Jim was an incredible friend, colleague, boss, and visionary.  Sadly, Jim passed away at far too young an age, but he, together with his wife Pam, taught me some incredibly valuable lessons early in my life!  

Today’s Tip is the first of six of what I call ‘Hoiby’s Lessons on Life’.  To me they are keys I follow all the days of my life.  They hang on my office wall.  

*  Lesson #1:  “Always have your dreams and chase them with a passion.”

In genealogy, and life, we should all take this lesson to heart.  We must pursue our dreams in our work and we must do so with a passion.  If we only give our efforts half our heart or a mediocre effort, we will end up with just that …. a mediocre half-baked family history or family tree.  We must pursue this dream with a passion!

As a note, Jim was great at having a dream.  He created a preparatory school for young men and women who had their appointments and everything else they needed, but required some tutoring prior to entry into one of our nation’s military academies.  From the downstairs of an old mansion in Minneapolis to a campus on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Jim had his dream, chased it with a passion, created it, and help untold numbers of young men and women achieve their dreams!  I was blessed to be a part of this chase!

Jim also dreamed of Hollywood … and became fast friends with Clayton Moore, aka The Lone Ranger!  

So …. dream your dreams …. chase them with a passion …. and enjoy your success!

If it doesn’t work out for some reason …. if some brick wall never falls …. at least you will have the wonderful satisfaction of knowing you gave it 100%!

Onward To Our Past,
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