Today we are on Jim’s Lesson #2:  “You have more skills than you realize and can do more with them than you believe.”

This can be especially helpful to remember in our genealogy work as we work through brick walls that demand a fresh approach or a novel attack.  Never think ‘I can’t’.  Always think ‘I’ll try’!  

In my case, I was still in college when Jim gave me a tutoring position with several of the young men and women at his school.  I was flabbergasted that Jim thought I could help these young folks learn more.  Especially when he assigned me to the math program area.  But I refused to balk.  I dug in, learned all I could, and worked my tail off.  Lo and behold … every one of those students had their math scores rise by the end of the sessions I taught.

Jim had more faith in me, saw more ability in me, saw more drive in me, than I saw in myself.  It taught me a valuable lesson!  

So do the same for yourself in your genealogy.  Go for it!  
There have been numerous times when I have looked at a new area of research, language, technology, etc. that I need to conquer and knew Jim was there giving me that ‘push’ that I needed to attack it!  

Have faith, have confidence …. and you WILL do more than you ever expect!

Onward To Our Past,

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