Today we are on Jim Hoiby’s Lesson #3 of six.

I have touched on this before, but it bears repeating especially since it came from Jim.
Before I worked for and then ended up a life long friend of Jim’s I was anything but bold.  You might call me ‘shy and retiring’ or you could call me a wall flower …. or just bland.  Any and all would have worked back then and they weren’t getting me anywhere!
My first lesson in bold from Jim may seem like a silly one, but it made an impression on me immediately.  Jim, his wife, and I went to the Dairy Queen.  My favorite treat!  Jim ordered first and said ‘I want a strawberry milk shake with a medium cone’s worth of ice cream on top’.  The kid behind the counter balked.  He said ‘sir that is not on the menu’.  Jim said ‘That’s OK.  Just make it for me.  The kid said no, he couldn’t.  After some talk and a manager visit, the kid finally made a strawberry shake and then added a medium cone’s worth of ice cream on top.  It looked wonderful …. so I ordered the same — and do to this day!  
I asked Jim …’why did you order that?’  He said ‘It’s how I like it and how I want it.  Why should I settle for anything else?’  Simple, but profound to me at the time!
Then Jim hired me to tutor a bunch of hot-shot, military academy appointees.  He said ‘Just get out in front  of them, be bold, and they will follow you as a leader’.  So I did …. and they did.
I have carried that lesson of ‘Be Bold’ with me the rest of my life and it has treated me best in genealogy!  

The shy will miss opportunities.  We must be bold in our approaches, our thoughts, and our efforts to find our history!
We must boldly go where no man has gone before …. whoops, wait someone else used that one I think! Besides we want to boldly go where some man or woman, preferable our ancestors did, indeed, go!
It is important for us to think boldly!  To embrace the world in which our ancestors lived.  To boldy think of new avenues to pursue — new ideas to take a chance on — perhaps a new cemetery, new spelling, or new concept of how that ancestor might have lived their lives!  Reach out to new people. Reach up to new levels you might have hesitated to reach for before.  Aspire to the highest heights …. to the biggest and boldest of goals!
I was also admonished by Jim to remember that ‘bold does not mean brash’.  So we must be bold, but kind.  Bold, but courteous.  Bold, but well-mannered.  But we must be bold!
So be bold!  Go for the gusto (whoops, someone used that one too …. I think it was Schlitz ….
The results and the outcomes will prove to be awesome!
Onward To Our Past,
  1. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Here here! I like Jim's philosophy.

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