We continue with Jim Hoiby’s Lessons on Life — with #4 as Today’s Tip.
“Quality DOES matter and is worth paying more for.”
While Jim said this to me in the context of many things not related to genealogy such as building materials, school supplies, and our mutual weakness for Jaguar XKE cars, it does hold true for genealogy as well.
Quality does matter and often it is worth paying for over and above the ‘standard edition’.
Over the past two years I have had occasion to use two different researchers for some of my needs in Italian records.
The first researcher I used I picked mainly on price.  I bought more hours, but at a lower rate than others.  Naturally, I got what I paid for.  Some OK work, but later I came to learn much of that work was flawed and not very well done.
A bit later I needed an Italian researcher again.  This time I chose on the basis of quality not price.  I got WAY more than I paid for, got a ton of learning ‘on the side’ and the knowledge that my records are now correct too!
The quality difference was amazing to me.  Totally amazing!
It took me back to the first time Jim had me drive an XKE …. YEP, not my Dad’s station wagon at all!
So remember ….. quality doesn’t really cost …. it pays!
Onward To Our Past,

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