Today is the last day for Jim’s Lessons:  Lesson #6 is our tip today: “Allow yourself to celebrate your successes.”

When I was growing up, I was instructed to keep my light under a bushel basket.  No celebrating success …. actually my successes were usually greatly downplayed, so I never felt like it anyway.

But Jim was different!  If the day went well, we all got in the car and went to Dairy Queen.  If a class went well and scores were good, we all went for a swim in the lake and celebrated.  If the whole semester went well, a trip was in order!  When I met a goal he set, he took me on an all expense paid trip to Annapolis since I had never been there.  

Jim said ‘achievement is empty without celebrating it!’
When I came home from my Junior year abroad on the World Campus Afloat program, he held a party ‘just to celebrate that you did it, Scott’.  

This philosophy of Jim’s has served me well … especially in genealogy.

We MUST remember to celebrate our achievements in genealogy … large, small, huge, brick wall-breaking, or correct delineation between a ‘6’ and an ‘8’ on an old gravestone.  We must get up, cheer, do our celebratory dance, chant, cheer, song, etc!  Each time …. and every time!  It will keep us going.  It will keep us happy.  It will keep us fresh and excited for the path ahead!

So be like Jim …. allow yourself to celebrate your achievements.  It makes a world of difference …. at least it did in my life!

Onward To Our Past and a very special pray of thanks to Jim Hoiby,

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