Today’s Tip: Beware and don’t pay heed to ‘non-practising experts’!

In my non-genealogical life, I am a fundraiser for non-profit organizations.  One of the things I learned very early on in that business and it holds just as true today, is that for you to be an effective leader and manager, you MUST carry a personal portfolio of donors, especially if you are managing other fundraisers.  You must have that ‘street cred’ to be listened to and a good example.  You must do what you are telling others to do so you also stay current on developments and how the events of the day change the profession.

I have noticed a surprising difference in genealogy.  Many purported ‘experts’ don’t actively practise what they are preaching.  Often those teaching certain subjects such as research, social media in genealogy, etc. aren’t doing it, quit doing it to get on the yakking circuit, or never did it in the first place!  Astounding to me!

So when you get ready to invest some time or money or time and money in a class or conference, be certain that those teaching are active practitioners of what they are getting paid to yak about!  If they are talking about researching a specific area, ask and make certain they are actively working in that area right now!  If they are yakking about social media in genealogy, check them out and make sure they have more than just some personal Facebook page!  

Times, resources, technology, etc. change at lightening speed and unless you are in the arena, it will pass you by like the demand for a buggy whip maker.  

So …. protect and use, your assets, both monetary and time, wisely.  

Be sure those ‘experts’ are practising experts and not just talking heads!

Onward To Our Past,
  1. Sarah Reply

    I just came across you on twitter. I'm a big family history fan…though I am hitting some brick walls with my family at the moment. I am hoping sometime to get onto a course as I love studying the past and want to make sure I know exactly what to do- so good tips!

    I see you look at various histories including those from Bohemia. I have a distant ancestor who married into our family and there are several discrepencies with her history and that of my great great uncle who she 'married' (no one has ever found proof they married- aside from a photo I believe to be the couple's 'wedding'.)

    The family name was Rezekia (spelling varies) living in Chicago in 1920 census Marie and Fred Schulze are with Marie's parents, however facts relating to age, birth and occupation don't match up to previous records- but we know it is them. Since marie isn't a direct ancestor I haven't looked into her past, but if it helps reveal more about her life with Fred that would be interesting!!

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