Today’s Tip:  Include the pets!

This holiday I had occasion to talk with a very reluctant elder of our family who thinks ‘the past is the past.  Who cares?’  I tell her, I care, but I got nowhere fast!  This had happened on several of our meetings!

Then this time, I struck on a new idea!  Rather than people …. I asked about the family pets!  What did she have?  What was her favorite?  Did she have any funny pets?  Did her folks like her pets?  How about her siblings?

WOW!  The floodgates opened and the stories poured forth!  It was awesome …. and every story, while focused on a pet, held untold wonders about the people involved too!  It was marvelous!

So if you come upon that reluctant family member …. remember that everybody loves the family dog, cat, or parakeet!

 So ask away!  It can open up some otherwise quiet folks!

Onward To Our Past,

  1. Cheryl Cayemberg Reply

    A great tip, Scott! Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have thought to do that!

  2. Michelle Goodrum Reply

    Amazing what gets people talking. We do have pur devious ways of getting our information don't we? LOL

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