Today’s Tip:  As the New Year approaches, don’t forget your Genealogy New Year’s Resolutions!

As we prepare to bid adios (which this year I am more than happy to do with 2011) to the old year, remember to prepare your personal AND your genealogical New Year’s Resolutions!

We are all accustomed to make personal resolutions, but do you make resolutions for your genealogy and family history work?  I always do!

In keeping with my focus on resolutions that I have at least a chance to achieve, I do not pick things like ‘breaking a decades’ old brick wall’.  Rather, I focus on things that I am aware that I did not accomplish in the last year or so. 

They might be to really work up an in-law’s branch of the family.  It might be to review an existing branch and find missing documentation.  It might be to finally connect with that distant relation I have not spoken with in a long time.  It might be focused on new discoveries or going back a generation!

So consider augmenting your New Year’s Resolutions with a few for your genealogy/family history work in the New Year.

It will excite you as you plan them.  It will please you as you chase them.  It will exhilarate you when you accomplish them!

Enjoy and get ready to give old 2011 the heave-ho!

Onward To Our Past,


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