Today’s Tip: DO NOT listen to those who preach the end of Genealogy Societies.

I have read a lot recently about how the Internet is the death of local genealogical societies.  Do not believe these naysayers!  It may make some struggle and cause some to reevaluate, and certainly some have concerns about drawing in younger members and volunteers (like most non-profits), but WOW!  So many of these local societies hold untold treasures for us as genealogists!  Treasures in data and treasures in people and knowledge!

Case on point:  Clark County Genealogical Society in Ohio.  

As you may know, I have been struggling with finding the parents of a particular ancestor.  She was born just prior to the State of Ohio keeping the birth records.

I took a chance with the local genealogical society.  You know, the kind of organization that the ‘Grand Poobahs of Ego and Glory in Genealogy Blogs’ are proclaiming are ‘done’ ‘gone’ ‘dead’ and ‘useless’.  Well, you can tell they would rather listen to themselves talk or type than actully check out a few of these societies!

Not only did I contact a couple of fantastic volunteers there in Clark County (one of whom did my look up on the holiday weekend), but they have a card catalog of births from before the State records!  And what did she find, but a card for my missing ancestor … and she will pull the microfiche and copy it on Wednesday for me!

Case on point two:  Lawrence County Genealogical Society, also in Ohio.

Having struggled with a common surname that is ALL OVER this county, a member of the Society pulled a book of plat maps for me and emailed six land ownership plat maps to me from the years my ancestors were in the area.  Pure gold!

So ….. support your local Society and those who can help you in your work!  I find that a lot of them are very, very reasonable in their dues too!

Oh yes, and as Spiro Agnew was famous for saying: ‘ignore those nattering nabobs of negativity’!  

Onward To Our Past,


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