Today’s Tip:  Remeber that not every immigrant to the United States came via Ellis Island!

Following up on yesterday’s tip about Castle Garden being the main New York entry point for immigrants prior to the opening of Ellis Island, today’s tip is to not forget that not every immigrant came to the US via Ellis Island.  

Granted huge numbers did, but NOT everyone!

So if you can’t find a trace of your ancestors coming to the shores of the US on Ellis Island, remember there were other significant ports of entry!  

For instance many of my ancestors come through Baltimore, Maryland!  A couple came through Galveston, Texas.  There was also New Orleans, Louisiana, Philadephia, Pennsylvania, San Francisco, California, — and for many, like several other of my own ancestors — CANADA!  

There were many times in history when it was easier for an immigrant to gain access to Canada then seek entry to the US from there than to get into the US directly.  I have a family member who came across in Montana.  A few in Vermont!  A couple in Minnesota.  One in Detroit, Michigan.  And some directly into Cleveland!  The bad news is that those who came to Cleveland by boat from Canada in the 1850’s came without having to ‘sign in’ in Cleveland as I understand!  So no records that I can find so far.  

So, if you can’t find them at Ellis Island.  Don’t dispair ….. just widen your search patterns a bit!

Onward To Our Past!

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