Today’s Tip:  Start to establish your plan of attack for the 1940 Census now.

Well, here we are …. 2012 and just 89 days until the 1940 US Census is released for us crazy folks!  Christmas all over again, only  this time on April 2nd!  I may even have to get my taxes done early so I can not be bothered on the 15th!  

I was thinking about the hundreds, perhaps thousands of names in my tree that are going to be found in that Census.  WOW!  Exciting, but also overwhelming.
So I am making a plan of attack for who I do first, where I start and what kind of time frame I expect.  I know it won’t all be indexed so the going will be slow, but what fun it will be!  I wonder how many websites will crash that day due to heavy volume?  

I have my biggest brick wall set first.  Will spend a couple days on him.  Then I will branch out to my immediate family and my in-laws.  I figure that will be my first month or so.

Then I can begin to dig into the additional branches!  If I am lucky, this time next year I should have it all done, because I know I will also be working on some new branches and people too.

So ….. set your plan.  Get your notebooks ready and your outline written.

89 days is going to go really, really fast, I bet!

Onward To Our Past,

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