Today’s Tip: If you find that you have ancestors from smaller, rural towns watch for centennial, quasquicentennial, etc. books! They can be a huge help to you!

I recently was working on a line of my family that lived in the smaller communities of Protivin, Iowa and Lidgerwood, North Dakota. While I found the usual information on Ancestry.com (which I do love) and other sites, it was all about what you would expect.
Then when I did a Google Books search, I found that each community had published a Centennial book! Plus I discovered that Lidgerwood was about to publish their quasquicentennial book. Each of these books (running several hundred pages each) are chock full of surnames and full family stories! The Protivin book took some 6 years by a team of volunteers. They even combed the local cemeteries for dates and names. Photos abound from family members and they have some terrific stories about the town and the early years!

These books can be wonderful resources, so even though they may be published locally, etc. do not over look them!
They can be hard to find at times, but they have been worth the search for me each and every time!

Now let’s all get Onward To Our Past!

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